Sounds Aero Maintenance has extensive experience maintaining Pratt and Whitney PT6A, Lycoming, and Continental engines. We can carry out scheduled inspections, defect rectification, and engine replacements.


Our team of experienced engineers focus on maintaining a high standard of workmanship and customer service.




We have maintained PT6A engines for many years, and have experience with various engine maintenance programs including PWC (manufacturer), MORE, and NZCAA accepted programs.

We have a very close and effective working relationship with Pratt and Whitney Canada, and also with their authorised service centres in the region.

We use state of the art Olympus borescope equipment for engine internal inspections, which provides crystal clear high definition images and video to aid in accurately diagnosing engine issues.

We have in depth knowledge and experience of all of Pratt and Whitney’s requirements for continued safe and reliable engine operation, including hot section inspections, engine trend monitoring, oil (SOAP) and filter analysis, and compressor washing requirements.

Piston Engines

We have many many years experience in piston engine maintenance, and can carry out all scheduled inspections, defect rectification and engine replacements.

In addition, we can carry out magneto 500 hour inspections and provide a Form One Release to Service.